Vikkys, fresh ideas for life!

Vikkys is not just about products, it’s about bringing in a whole new lifestyle. Whether it’s Chase, the herbal mosquito repellent or organic honey, it’s about going that extra mile to source products that add more value, health and happiness to life. No longer do you have to compromise on quality or products.

What makes Vikkys eco-friendly?

Vikkys is the ideal choice whether you decide to buy herbal mosquito repellent online or. pure honey online. Today, as our planet gets more polluted, we feel that each of us have a commitment to do our bit and preserve it for future generations. We work on keeping our products green through eco-friendly practices. For instance, our food products like pure honey are completely organic. Vikkys Kashmir Honey comes from the high altitude farms of Kashmir where the air is pure and unpolluted. Chase, our herbal mosquito repellent is free of harmful chemicals and is completely natural so it can be safely used.

From organic honey to natural mosquito repellent

The Vikkys range of products is quite like no other. From Personal Care to Healthcare and from Household Supplies to Food & Beverages, we have a wide range of products that makes life easier, better and happier. You’ll be surprised at how delightful we can make your life. Vikkys Six Packs biscuits are a cute idea to enjoy nutrition and taste every day. Each pack contains six biscuits, one for each day of the week individually wrapped. Made from millets, this is the smart way to enjoy a healthy snack.

Every product at Vikkys is exceptional and of high quality. Vikkys Thulsi in Kashmir Honey, Chase Herbal Mosquito Repellent, Vikkys Facial Wipes, Vikkys Household Wipes and Vikkys Baby Wipes are some of the other products. By the end of this year, we plan to bring in at least 100 products. These are available at stores but if you choose you can buy herbal mosquito repellent online or even organic honey online.

Who’s the man behind Vikkys?

Vikkys is a dream come true for Vikram Narayen. Hailing from The Chennai Silks family, business runs in his blood and he took to entrepreneurship like fish to water. He is a marketing whiz and has an eye for what will work in the market. He has been associated with successful brands. Though the family business is textiles, he has chosen to strike a unique path for himself. Our team consists of professionals who are not only well-qualified but also have practical hands-on experience in the market.

Vikkys is a proud offering from the house of The Chennai Silks, one of the largest textile chains in South India. It has been renowned for its silks and trusted for quality. It offers the complete selection of clothing for men, women and kids under one roof. Vikkys is a yet another feather in the cap and innovative products such as Vikkys Six Packs have become popular.