As a manufacturer

We understand how much it takes to create a product. A commitment to fill it with your passion and work on it heart and soul. We transform your product into a brand that will make waves in the market.

Markets are ever changing and tough to break into. It’s not about working harder but working smarter. And knowing when and how to make your move. At Vikkys, we have been behind the success of many products and we put this in-depth knowledge to work for you. Helping you build a brand from scratch, nurturing it and moving it to the position of a top brand.

Our dream is to bring unique, quality products that have potential in the market and facilitate this through our system. If you think, you have a product that could be a winner, reach us to make it fly!

As a distributor

When you partner with us as a distributor, you are in a win-win situation. Firstly, we have a large portfolio of unique, high quality products that have plenty of potential. These are carefully selected by our team of experts.

We have the strong backing of the KKV(I) Associates who own The Chennai Silks. They have been known for their successful business strategies, ethical practices and understanding the pulse of the market. We promise you the same credibility and trust.

When you distribute our products you get strong promotional support and this helps products sell better and quicker. Attractive margins that will make you smile.