Who We Are

Want to know more about Vikkys?

Vikkys is a young innovative company that aims to bring a revolution into Indian lifestyles with its unique FMCG products spanning the entire spectrum from organic honey to herbal mosquito repellent. While there are dozens of brands available, what makes us unique? From the selection of products to delivery, we have a seamless process and unbeatable quality.

Why innovate?

Today, the world is progressing at a rapid speed. Products available across the globe are available to us. We believe that for Indian products to compete, they need to be innovative. We also have a strong commitment to identifying FMCG products that have a high potential and bringing them under our umbrella. We take pride in the ‘Make in India’ concept

A large spectrum of products

From Personal Care to Healthcare and from Household Supplies to Food & Beverages, we have a wide range of products that makes life easier, better and happier. Every product at Vikkys is exceptional and of high quality.

Vikkys Thulsi in Kashmir Honey, Chase Herbal Mosquito Repellent, Vikkys Facial Wipes, Vikkys Household Wipes and Vikkys Baby Wipes are some of the other products. By the end of this year, we plan to bring in at least 100 products.

Can I buy products online in Vikkys?

With more and more customers opting for online shopping, we offer you the convenience of buying pure honey online or any other products we sell from the comfort of your home. Want to buy herbal mosquito repellent online? Try Chase, a herbal mosquito repellent that does not generate harmful fumes and is safe. Looking for organic honey online? Vikkys Kashmir Honey is an amazing product that comes from the high altitude farms of Kashmir. Pure honey, natural and nourishing.

The power behind Vikkys

The success of Vikkys lies in the power behind it. At the helm is young, progressive and dynamic Vikram Narayen who is passionate about creating a brand that will make the transforming difference.He comes with a great deal of marketing expertise and has been associated with successful brands. The company also has the strong backing of The Chennai Silks. Our team consists of professionals who are not only well-qualified but also have practical hands-on experience in the market.


This is our priority at all times. We make sure that Quality goes uncompromised at any stage, from raw material sourcing to end user at the retail outlets.


Our suppliers are chosen simply based on the unique attributes of the product, quality inspections and manufacturing capacities. Each product is chosen after we analyse it and are completely satisfied.


We have an ambitious plan to distribute 100 products in the coming year, we ensure that our distributors have a solid foundation in distribution and a strong network to reach the end customers directly. We are sure that we will achieve this dream through marketing products ranging from pure honey to herbal mosquito repellent.