Why Us

A wide spectrum of products

At Vikkys, we are proud that we can offer you a wide range of products randing from pure honey sourced from the high altitude farms of Kashmir to organic millet biscuits like Vikkys Six Packs.

Want an eco-friendly lifestyle?

If the answer is yes, the solution is simple – Vikkys. From organic honey to biscuits made from organic millets, we go that extra mile to help you live an eco-friendly lifestyle. This helps you stay in tune with nature.

Strong infrastructure

Our strong infrastructure and network helps us reach products to a wide range of places quickly. As the reach is vital, our large network ensures that brands get the right kind of visibility and promotion.

Want to buy herbal mosquito repellent online?

Today, buying online has become part of our lives. Besides being sold at a huge network of stores offline, we also do have an online presence. This helps you quickly and easily purchase your organic honey online or even your herbal mosquito repellent online.

Mastering the market!

The market can be quite tricky but V.Vikram Narayen who heads Vikkys is quite confident of sailing through. The dream he visualised has come alive wonderfully well. Plenty of research goes into bringing each product on board and this has produced results.

The Chennai Silks patronage

Backed by The Chennai Silks, Vikkys has an edge. It has the advantage of gaining the same trust and support given by the customers to the textile giant over the years.

Futuristic vision

With FMCG products growing at a rapid pace, we are sure to scale up in a very big way. On the anvil is our target of promoting 100 products by the end of this financial year. These would include Home Care products, Food products and more. Currently, we are marketing high-quality Natural Kashmir honey, baby wipes, facial wipes, herbal mosquito repellents and more.

Bridging the gap

We connect manufacturers to customers by distributing unique, high-quality products that are carefully sourced. From organic honey to wet wipes, we have useful product that make a mark. We also provide distributors with products that have high potential and demand thus creating a win-win situation for everyone.