Vikkys Facial Wipes are moist towellettes that are used for wiping. They are extremely useful for personal care but can also be used for multiple purposes. While most people use them to wipe their faces, there’s so much more to them.

Vikkys Facial Wipes are a soft and gentle way to remove makeup.  After a tired and sweaty drive or on a hot day in the sun, wet wipes come in handy to wipe off the sweat and grime from your face. They also refresh you instantly. They come with different fragrances ranging from fresh lemon to lavender.

Ladies will vouch for how useful Vikkys Facial Wipes are when it comes to make up. Wet wipes can be used to cleanse your face before applying make-up and also remove it. It also acts as a saving grace when you make a make-up mistake, say for instance smudging your mascara or eyeliner. In case you have applied excess make-up or powder, you can salvage your look by patting your skin with a facial wipe to tone it down. These days there are many occasions where you may have to head for an event straight from work, this is where these facial wipes help you save time while refreshing yourself.

An interesting way to use a Vikkys Facial Wipe is to make a peel of face mask with it. Take a wet wipe, mark spaces for your nostrils, eyes and mouth and cut holes here. Apply honey or moisturiser on one side of it and pat it on your face. Allow to stay for en to fifteen minutes and wash off. You will find your skin soft and glowing.

You may have used your deodorant while leaving the house but somewhere in the middle of the day, have you ever got that sinking feeling that your deodorant had let you down? Wet wipes can come to your rescue, just wipe to feel fresh and smell good. You can also use them to clean the dirt stuck under your nails.

Vikkys Facial Wipes come in handy while cleaning your home.  With kids around, pen, pencil, crayon and paint marks are inevitable in your home. The good news is that these can be cleaned easily using these wipes.

They can be used to clean up pets too. Using them removes the excess fur or hair that would otherwise end up lying around in your home. You can also use them to clean up paws and feet of your pets so they don’t leave dirty footprints all over your clean home.

They are also useful for cleaning the interiors of your car. You can also use them to remove bird droppings from your car.

Vikkys Facial Wipes are perfect for getting rid of stains on clothes. They can help remove deodorant stains on dark clothes, make-up stains and more. They can also remove stains from upholstery and carpeting. It can be used to wipe table surfaces, keyboards and so on. They are also useful to clean blackboards hen dusters are not available.

A great tip to keep your drawers smelling fresh is to add a few drops of essential oil you like to a wet wipe and place it there.

Vikkys Facial Wipes can be put to myriad uses in your life. We are sure you will find some unique ways of using them too.

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